How will evolving technologies and new ways of organizing and performing work affect the Washington regional economy? 

This series from The Stephen S. Fuller Institute and Ellen Harpel, President, Business Development Advisors, is considering the implications for the Washington Region of recent national economic research on the future of work and jobs. Specifically the series will examine how the gig and sharing economy, other contingent and independent work arrangements, and technology trends may affect employment and competitiveness in our region.

Report 1: Working Without a Job: Trends in Non-Employer Establishments

Non-employer establishment statistics are one supplemental source that gives us some more insight into this phenomenon in the Washington region. These data suggest that the gig economy, self-employed and freelance workers, and independent contractors play a sizable role in the Washington regional economy.

Working Without a Job: Trends in Non-Employer Establishments
November 2017

Three blogs are available covering this report:

  1. Non-Employer Establishments: What’s Happening in the Washington Region
  2. Non-Employer Establishments: How Does the Washington Region Compare?
  3. Non-Employer Establishments: What Work Do They Do?