For most businesses, coming snowstorm means a coming headache

From The Morning Call: Hardware stores that hawk rock salt and landscapers who moonlight by plowing snow may be hearing a cha-ching sound at the approach of a major snowstorm, but for most Lehigh Valley businesses, keeping the wheels of commerce grinding is a challenge at the very least. Some, like Keith Royal, owner of

Is the Economy Overdue for a Recession?

From The Atlantic: Expansions don’t die of old age, economists say. But President Trump still seems likely to face a contraction. The unemployment rate at 4.7 percent. Employers adding 235,000 workers a month. Consumer confidence at its highest level since 2001. The stock market rallying to new territory. Jobless claims flirting with a 44-year low.

As D.C. braces for federal drawdown, region gets more disappointing news on jobs

From The Washington Post: The Washington area experienced far less job growth last year than previously reported, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported Monday, raising new concerns about the health of the local economy as the region awaits President Trump’s proposal to rein in the size of the federal workforce. The metropolitan area added just