My Pleasant Suburb Is Going a Little Bit Crazy

From The Washingtonian: A story of development, bickering, and a mayor who really, really cares about trees. Allison Silberberg, the mayor of Alexandria, kicked off her reelection campaign one day this past February at Los Tios Grill, a restaurant in the city’s Del Ray neighborhood. Signs called her “The People’s Mayor,” and there was a long

Earnings Without a Salary: Trends in Proprietors’ Income in the Washington Region

People in the Washington region are working in increasingly diverse ways, but how do these new ways of working affect regional prosperity? A new report from The Stephen S. Fuller Institute and Business Development Advisors considers proprietors’ income to learn more about the dollar value of work in the Washington region that does not involve wage and salary employment. The report shows that nonfarm proprietors’ income makes a substantial and growing contribution to the regional economy.

Transforming Tysons

Will it become America’s next great city? From Virginia Business: In 1950, Tysons Corner was little more than a mom-and-pop general store at the intersection of state Routes 7 and 123 surrounded by farms with peach orchards and wheat fields. By 2050, a rechristened Tysons is expected to be a bustling, cosmopolitan metropolis of more than

Economic gloom and doom in Maryland’s largest jurisdiction

From The Washington Post: In 1991, defense contractor General Dynamics was looking for a place to move its headquarters and the 200 jobs that went with it. Then-Montgomery County Executive Neal Potter had a ready answer: Not here. Potter said the county needed “to ease off” creating new jobs — and the problems, like traffic, he

The Washington Leading Index Increased 2.5% in Feb. 2018

The Washington Leading Index increased in February 2018, gaining 2.5 percent from February 2017 and building on January’s increase of 1.8 percent. The Leading Index had been positive in eleven of last year’s twelve months, the only exception being December’s decline that was likely linked to severe weather and the continuing budget impasse that threaten a federal government shutdown. This overall strong performance in 2017 has now continued through the first two months of 2018 and points to the region’s continued economic expansion through at least the third quarter of 2018.