The Effect of the Coronavirus Pandemic on the Washington Region’s Economy

The coronavirus pandemic has ended the longest business expansion on record. Unlike prior business cycles, the Washington region’s economy is not disproportionately insulated from its effects and will mirror the trajectory of the U.S. Based on a scenario in which the coronavirus affects normal operations through May 2020, the national economy is projected to contract 0.2 percent in 2020 and the Washington region’s economy will stall, increasing by 0.1 percent for the year. The effects will be most pronounced for service industries that rely on discretionary spending and those that have strong international ties, especially business that rely on international manufacturing.

Long Bridge Expansion

The Long Bridge is a two-track railroad bridge crossing the Potomac River between Arlington County, VA and Washington, D.C. A new two-track rail bridge, a fourth track addition in Alexandria and station improvements to L’Enfant, Crystal City, and Alexandria are being examined (the Long Bridge projects). These improvements would allow an increase of the total number of daily trains crossing the Long Bridge by 80 trains compared to a no-build scenario. The addition of 80 daily trains crossing the Long Bridge will benefit the national economy and the economies of Virginia, Maryland and the District.

Third Annual Economic Forum

On Dec. 10, 2019, the Stephen S. Fuller Institute hosted its third annual Economic Forum in the Founders Hall Auditorium at the Schar School of Policy and Government. Materials from the event are available below. The Transformation of the Washington Region’s Economy Presentation by Dr. Fuller View Presentation› The Washington Region’s Economy in 2019 &

Planning for the Washington Region’s Future: Housing

3rd Annual Economic Forum Remarks by Maura Brophy, Director of Transportation and Infrastructure, Federal City CouncilDownload remarks as a PDF>> First, I want to talk about why it’s important to talk about transportation and housing together. With respect to housing, it’s hard to point to any asset that plays a more vital role in nearly every aspect

Planning for the Washington Region’s Future: Transportation

3rd Annual Economic Forum Remarks by Jason Stanford, Executive Director, Northern Virginia Transportation AllianceDownload remarks as a PDF>> For more than 30 years, the Northern Virginia Transportation Alliance has been the leader in advancing regional transportation solutions. However, many of the transportation projects and priorities that the Alliance has advocated for over the years have been in