Loss of Discovery to NYC ‘diminishes business brand’ of D.C. region

From The Washington Business Journal: The loss of Silver Spring-based Discovery Communications Inc.’s global headquarters to New York City “diminishes” the Washington region’s business brand and hurts its efforts to recruit companies that diversify its economy, according to a local economist. “It sends a message to potential investors in the Washington metropolitan area that something is amiss,”

Is Washington’s Local Economy in Trouble?

From Washingtonian: For decades, the booming capital has outpaced the rest of the country. Recent data paints a scarier picture. The collapse begins on Capitol Hill. In 2018, Congress’s failure to pass a budget leads to a 10-percent cut in federal discretionary spending in the Washington area. Contracting firms begin layoffs. The newly unemployed stop

Despite political upheaval, Washington’s economy held strong in 2017

From The Washington Post: Many economists thought 2017 would be a tough year for the nation’s capital and its outlying suburbs. After all, in one of his first actions, newly elected President Trump imposed a federal hiring freeze as part of his promise to “drain the swamp.” His early budget proposals suggested Republicans would slash

Greater Washington’s Achilles’ heel on tax cuts: Its pricey real estate

From The Washington Business Journal: Greater Washington’s high median income should have set up the region to reap more than its share of $1.5 trillion in tax cuts passed by Congress and signed by President Donald Trump this month — but the region’s high real estate values will blunt its impact for many regional taxpayers.

What Amazon HQ2 could mean for NoVA

From Northern Virginia Magazine: Multiple area locations could win the huge economic prize, but is it one we want? By the numbers, Amazon’s proposed second headquarters would entice any town: $5 billion in investment, $100,000 in average salary and 50,000 new jobs. But those benefits could carry some considerable baggage for Northern Virginia—a region whose homes are