Workforce trends show challenges for greater Washington

By Jonathan Aberman From The Washington Post: It’s critical that community leaders understand our region’s workforce trends. A recent workforce report from LinkedIn is essential reading. With more than 143 million individual members in the United States and 3 million job postings a month, LinkedIn has a large and current data base to use in identifying

COG Report looks at trends in Washington region travel

From The Frederick News-Post: Although other forms of transportation are becoming more common, the Washington, D.C., region is still heavily car-dependent, which may be behind an increase in the number of people who use technology to work from home. The number of commuters who telework has nearly tripled in the past 15 years, said Timothy Canan,

With ‘Moscow Muellers’ and other promos, D.C. businesses bank on Trump themes

From The Washington Post: At the Bird in Shaw, the managers created a “Moscow Mueller” drink special and introduced it after the first round of special counsel indictments. At the Ivy City-based City Winery, there is the “covfefe” wine, echoing a confusing May 2017 tweet from President Trump. Washington has always been a city attuned to