Region’s economy looking up, but budget worries lurk

From The Frederick News-Post: The Washington region’s economy is growing stronger, but potential federal budget issues in September and October could bring the progress to a halt, according to a report from one of the region’s leading economists. The region appears to have recovered from some economic uneasiness in the first quarter of the year,

Is winter really coming?

From The Frederick News-Post: Maybe it’s a morning in late September. You step outside to pick up your News-Post from the driveway. You’re wearing a thin T-shirt, and you suddenly notice a chill in the air that wasn’t there the morning before. “Winter’s coming,” you think. Something very similar should have and probably did happen when community

D.C. posts strong job gains. But is this pace sustainable?

From The Washington Post: The Washington metropolitan area added 83,100 jobs in the one-year period ending in July —the strongest showing in more than a decade—even as unemployment increased in the District proper, according to data reported Friday by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The unemployment rate for the District rose by three-10ths of a

Recession Aftermath: The Rise and Fall of the Washington Region

From Inside Sources: Washington D.C. has fueled resentment as the nation’s capital continued to show economic strength even as much of the country struggled. But what’s often overlooked is it has since dropped from its place at the top. The Great Recession is one of the most severe economic downturns in American history. Washington D.C.