Federal budget cuts could mean $2.5 billion loss for DC in 2018

From WTOP: It still needs Congressional approval, but as proposed, President Donald Trump’s federal budget would have a big impact on the D.C. area. In order to direct a huge new influx of money toward the military and the border wall with Mexico, the budget includes major funding reductions elsewhere, including cuts of 21 percent for the

Washingtonians brace for Trump’s budget proposals

From The Washington Post: Washingtonians are beginning to worry that President Trump might do what wars, peace, recessions and government shutdowns could not: ­upend the historically stable regional economy. Bolstered by the federal government, the metropolitan area has largely avoided the sharp ups and downs that have made life unpredictable for the rest of the

For most businesses, coming snowstorm means a coming headache

From The Morning Call: Hardware stores that hawk rock salt and landscapers who moonlight by plowing snow may be hearing a cha-ching sound at the approach of a major snowstorm, but for most Lehigh Valley businesses, keeping the wheels of commerce grinding is a challenge at the very least. Some, like Keith Royal, owner of