Income and Cost of Living in the Washington Region

Download as a PDF› The real per capita personal income (PCPI) measures wealth, the cost of living [i] and inflation by metro area. It allows for more comprehensive comparisons, both over time and between geographies, by accounting for regional cost of living and changes in price levels. Compared to 2008, the Washington region’s real PCPI was

Tourism is booming in the nation’s capital. So why aren’t hotel jobs?

From The Washington Post: Tourism is thriving in the nation’s capital, with the District’s visitors bureau declaring a record year for U.S. foot traffic in 2016. But at Washington’s hotels, hiring has been more or less flat for two decades. The region’s hotel industry employs only about 5,400 more people today than it did in 1990,

Rep. Connolly predicts dire outcomes from Trump budget proposals

From Inside NOVA: President Trump’s proposed budget would undermine key environmental programs and cost Northern Virginia tens of thousands of jobs and billions of dollars in economic activity, U.S. Rep. Gerald Connolly (D-11th) said June 8. “It’s probably one of the most radical documents that any president has submitted to any Congress,” Connolly told Tysons

The Trump Budget and What It Would Mean for Our Region

From The Kojo Nnamdi show: The Trump administration issued its full budget plan, and like the earlier “skinny” version, it would have a big impact on our region’s economy. It would include major cuts to the federal workforce, as well as historic cuts to entitlement programs like Medicaid and food stamps. We explore what the

Trump budget proposal spells more pain for D.C. region

From The Washington Post: President Trump’s full budget plan, issued Tuesday, is even worse for the Washington region than the initial “skinny” version released in March, local government officials and analysts say. The new one includes all the same ominous proposals that prompted warnings that the spending plan would worsen economic inequality and possibly tip