Greater Washington leaders weigh in on how to survive economic uncertainty

From The Washington Business Journal: Greater Washington is facing slowing population and job growth, and potential federal job cuts are hanging over the region like the Sword of Damocles — but there are ways to prepare for possible economic upheaval. Merge with one another. “If you don’t really consider merging and leveraging, you are not

How much would you pay to brand Greater Washington? We’re about to find out.

From The Washington Business Journal: A group focused on spurring regional cooperation to boost the economy wants to raise $3 million to $5 million to rebrand Greater Washington and challenge its reputation as an epicenter of politics and gridlock. The 2030 Group, a consortium of businesses, organizations and executives, will unveil a new video and

Could Trump’s Budget Trigger a Recession in the Nation’s Capital?

From The Associated Press: The booming Washington region has long been an easy target for Republican lawmakers who want to cut federal spending. Last year, a GOP congressman from Iowa tweeted a picture of construction cranes on the waterfront south of the Capitol with the comment, “D.C. needs a recession.” In the unlikely event that

Montgomery Businesses Export $5 Billion per Year, Supporting 35,000 Jobs

From The Sentinel: Montgomery County exporters brought in more than $5 billion in 2015, supporting 35,000 jobs and comprising 6.5 percent of the county’s overall economy, according to data jointly produced by the Brookings Institution and the Stephen S. Fuller Institute at George Mason University in Virginia. Much of the county’s – and Maryland’s –