Trump Inauguration Sure to Boost DC Economy Through Celebration and Protest

From WTOP:

Next month, Inauguration Day weekend will draw crowds of people, perhaps a million or more, to the nation’s capital in celebration or dissent. No matter which side of the political fence they represent, they’re likely to spend money while they’re in D.C., boosting the local economy.

“That’s worth somewhere, a little bit more than a billion dollars to the Washington economy … could be $1.4 billion depending on the mix of visitors and where they stay,” said Stephen Fuller, Dwight Schar faculty chair and professor at George Mason University.

Fuller believes up to 400,000 people are likely to be in the District on Jan. 20, which falls on a Friday, for President-elect Donald Trump’s swearing-in.

“The economic impacts will spread to Baltimore; there aren’t enough hotel rooms to accommodate all of these [people],” Fuller said.

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