He’s Not Going Anywhere. Economist Stephen Fuller to Launch New Institute.

From Washington Business Journal:

If there is one thing economist Stephen Fuller can’t seem to do, it’s retire.

The well-known regional economist and former head of George Mason University’s Center for Regional Analysis announced he was stepping down in 2014 – effective Jan. 9, 2017 – to give the school time to find a replacement.

But even with a replacement (economist Terry Clower) chosen and a retirement filled with boat trips and vacations at his house in Maine on the horizon, Fuller just can’t seem to leave the region he has spent so much time studying.

So brace yourselves for The Stephen S. Fuller Institute for Research on the Washington Region’s Future Economy — headed by, you guessed it, Fuller.

“I was sorry to walk away from what I had been doing for 47 years. I had never taken myself too seriously as an authority – I had work to do and I liked doing it,” Fuller said in an interview with the Washington Business Journal.

The institute, which has been in a sort of soft opening the last few weeks, will move into new offices at Mason, assemble an advisory board and officially launch Jan. 9. The goal is to be supremely focused on the regional research Fuller has become known for – and Fuller will have full discretion over what he researches.

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