Baby boomer retirement wave opens up big business opportunities

From The Washington Business Journal: When The Who released “My Generation” in 1965, proudly sneering, “I hope I die before I get old,” the band probably wasn’t thinking about all the opportunities that come with age. And there are plenty to be had now that the baby boomer generation The Who was talking about is,

The Other Washington Makes its Pitch to Host Amazon’s Second Headquarters

From WMAL: When Amazon announced Thursday that it was seeking a second North-American headquarters that would be worth nearly $5 billion, local Washington business advocates jumped into overdrive: “This is the Olympics of economic development,” says Jim Dinegar, President of the Greater Washington Board of Trade. “The greater Washington region would be tremendous for Amazon

Region’s economy looking up, but budget worries lurk

From The Frederick News-Post: The Washington region’s economy is growing stronger, but potential federal budget issues in September and October could bring the progress to a halt, according to a report from one of the region’s leading economists. The region appears to have recovered from some economic uneasiness in the first quarter of the year,

Is winter really coming?

From The Frederick News-Post: Maybe it’s a morning in late September. You step outside to pick up your News-Post from the driveway. You’re wearing a thin T-shirt, and you suddenly notice a chill in the air that wasn’t there the morning before. “Winter’s coming,” you think. Something very similar should have and probably did happen when community